Ashe Coutts' Web Space and Blog

Ralph, Ed, and Ashe bike from Eugene to Trinidad: Summertime  

Isla Mujeres with Carol, George, and Emily: January 5-14  

Tom and the other ALC9 riders come thru Santa Barbara: June 11  
Ashe flys to Denver for 6 days with the Nelsons: May 13  
Ashe rides the Suzuki to the Carrizo Plain: April 8  
Ashe and Tom ride in San Diego's GranFondo: March 7  

Eric visits Santa Barbara and runs the SB Marathon: December 3-6  
Ashe and Carol B. go to Kings Canyon/Sequoia: October 25-29  
Various rides with Ian on our Suzukis: Oct. & Nov.  
A ride to New Cuyama on the Suzuki: September 10  
A ride to Pismo Beach on the new Suzuki: August 27  
The Wildflower Ride in Creston: April 25  

Astronaut Computing updated to Revision 2.0: January  
Thanks to Cynthia several of us see Gaucho Women's BB defeat UCR: January 4th  
Ralph throws a wonderful birthday party: January 1st  

Tom and Ashe go to Grass Valley to visit Jeff and Carey: November 6th  
Carol, Ralph, & Ashe go to SLO County to see wildflowers: March 29th  

Carol & Ashe biking in Washington & British Columbia: July&Aug  
Strawberry Music Festival - Spring and Fall  
Yosemite valley bike ride on the way to spring Strawberry  
New Jersey Shore with the Nelsons and Allens  
July - Carol visits Santa Barbara  
Kate Wolf Festival  
Kate Wolf Festival - trip home to Santa Barbara  
Creston Wildflower Century  
April -- Ralph & Ashe go to Figeroa Mountain  
 Bike New York  
Pre ride days  
Post ride days in NY & NJ  
Post ride days in Martha's Vineyard  

February - Cristo's "Gates" in Central Park  

Thanksgiving in NYC and Cazenovia, NY  
Costa Rica: December 29, 2003 thru January 9, 2004  

December 24 - McGrath State Beach - Ashe's new Atlantis