Isla Videos

The Rincon Cubano is a very fun Cuban music and dance club down the island a few miles. This second visit was voted for overwhelmingly.

And here is the very gregarious and fun conga drummer and owner of the Rincon Cubano himself at Sunday afternoon’s Cuban music scene on the north beach as he takes a break from the band and joins one of his partners/students. From what we heard he is the Salsa instructor at his club and was a wonderful and complete salsa dancer before a motorcycle accident caused the loss of his right leg.

Fun by the shore after Thurday’s delicious fish lunch

The magnificent frigate birds beautifully soaring overhead. This one looks especially cool if you jump to HD and full screen.

An interesting one showing all the beach cleanup that takes place early each morning. Others have already raked the seaweed into piles so it can be moved to the holes dug in the sand. Lots of effort so everything looks pristine for we tourists.

Monday the 14th. Our last morning and a last look around.

Here’s more Cuban music from a past year