Oct 102012

Cyn­thia sent an email yes­ter­day announc­ing that the UCSB Free Noon Con­certs Start this Wednes­day. That turned out to be today and the band for the first con­cert plays one of my favorite styles so I rode out to the U on the Express bus and had lunch with Cyn­thia accom­pa­nied by some won­der­ful music. Click on the image to see and hear a lit­tle of what we enjoyed. Very nice that the band is all fam­i­ly. Next week it’s the UCSB Mid­dle East Ensem­ble, anoth­er favorite of mine and oth­ers so get your bus tick­ets ear­ly!

Latiga­zos del Norte is a norteño or con­jun­to band that plays region­al Mex­i­can music, includ­ing rancheras, cor­ri­dos, hua­pan­go, pol­ka, redo­va and shotis (north­ern whips). Con­sist­ing of four fam­i­ly mem­bers, the band plays the four most char­ac­ter­is­tic instru­ments in norteño music: Ernesto Bel­trán plays the accor­dion, Agustín Lara the bajo sex­to, Víc­tor Bel­tran­the elec­tric and acoustic bass, and Víc­tor Bel­tran Jr. the drums.

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Jul 242011

Alis­tair Greene was play­ing from four to sev­en at Whiskey Richards on State Street so since it was my last day at 66 Car­ol came along to enjoy (and with­stand) the LOUD Blues and R&R for two hours! It was mid­way through all the fun and her doing lots of danc­ing that we ven­tured into the Whiskey Richards pho­to booth for these shots. (Do you think any places oth­er than bars still have these?)

After the sec­ond break for the band we walked up State and had a nice din­ner at the very British fish and chips place. A very fun pre-birth­day out­ing.

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Nov 152010

Gene Shaw's Carnival Sketches

This record­ing by Gene Shaw I pur­chased in the six­ties and it has always been one of my favorite jazz record­ings. Many of my old favorites have been released on CD but thus far not this one.

I had been think­ing about dig­i­tiz­ing it for a long time and final­ly today was the day. I still have my high qual­i­ty turntable and pre­amp from the six­ties so it was just a mat­ter of plug­ging them into my com­put­er and play­ing the record while record­ing the out­put of the pre­amp with my excel­lent Sound Forge soft­ware. After­ward Sound Forge has an easy tool to reduce the clicks and pops and then I saved the file in WAV for­mat to retain all the fideli­ty of the record. Using iTunes allowed the nam­ing of the artist, album, track, etc. as well as tran­scrib­ing it to Apple Loss­less for­mat for easy trans­fer to my iDe­vices.

It took me a few hours for this ini­tial LP –> dig­i­tal tran­scrip­tion. One of those was wast­ed try­ing to get the sound into the com­put­er. It turns out Win­dows 7 has this func­tion dis­abled by default so I ran around that bush for quite awhile until I searched the web and found an answer post­ed by anoth­er frus­trat­ed user.

Now that I have the tech­nique mas­tered I’m all set to make more of my old favorites portable and more eas­i­ly playable.

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Laura Love and Orville Johnson at Soho

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Sep 232010

Friend Bar­bara Mey­er called and asked if I’d like to go to the Lau­ra Love con­cert tonight at Soho. I had not seen Lau­ra Love in sev­er­al years but used to like her a lot so “yes”.

Bar­bara, Con­nie, and I had a very nice evening at din­ner, chat­ting, and lis­ten­ing to Lau­ra and Orville John­son. I had nev­er heard of or seen Orville but I like his gui­tar play­ing very much so he’s on my list of not to be missed now.

Laura Love and Orville Johnson

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Jun 212010

What a FUN evening. Friend Car­ol P. and I went down to the Soho Music Club here in S.B for the Mon­day night “Jazz Jam with Jeff Elliott”. A nice mix of nos­tal­gia and the present, sit­ting around sip­ping a drink and lis­ten­ing to JAZZ. It was one of my favorite things to do “back in the day” with bud­dy Al and/or girl friend Heather; down to The Light­house or over to The Mann Hole. Won­der­ful mem­o­ries!

Her­bie Man­n’s ver­sion of Sum­mer­time — a big favorite of mine

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Baaba Maal at Campbell Hall

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Apr 182010

Friend Car­ol P. and I were out at UCSB for a spec­tac­u­lar,
HIGH ener­gy Baa­ba Maal con­cert.  WHAT a treat!

Click on his image to learn more about him.

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