Aug 192011

After a fun morn­ing that start­ed with Eric equip­ping him­self with some nice snow board­ing equip­ment at a great sale in a local shop we cruised through the near­by REI then had iden­ti­cal and deli­cious chick­en hash omlettes:

Then it was a dri­ve back home and onto the bikes for anoth­er great ride. We rode down to, through, and beyond the town of Cas­tle Rock. Here I am along the nice bike­way with The Cas­tle Rock in the dis­tance:

We head­ed west and climbed over a hill before descend­ing into a beau­ti­ful val­ley.

Here’s Eric in a tuck zoom­ing by me:

A stop fur­ther along for a few bison. Here’s two shots of the same one.
In the left image he’s stand­ing right over my top tube 🙂

Four shots of a nice gar­den and seren­i­ty set­ting where we stopped for water.

Yeah, the crest of the last hill!

And Eric using the advan­tage of his 29 inch­er to leave me behind and walk­ing my bike down this grassy hill with­in the last mile from home.

A great ride and day. We arrived home to find Ker­rie already there with the boys arriv­ing a lit­tle lat­er. Ker­rie and Eliot went off to the school car­ni­val while Hen­ry, Eric, and I had a nice din­ner and inter­est­ing chat.

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Fun visit to the Calico Ghost Town

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Aug 142011

I had not been to Cal­i­co for decades so when I real­ized how close it was to Barstow I decid­ed to spend the first night of my trip to Col­orado in Barstow and dri­ve out to Cal­i­co in the morn­ing. I found it a very inter­est­ing place and cer­tain­ly worth a vis­it. Click on the image above to see more of mine.

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A “new” Yakima rack for my trip to Colorado

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Aug 122011

Boy did I luck out with this item!
I was con­tem­plat­ing buy­ing one when I rode by a neigh­bor’s yard sale on my bicy­cle last Sun­day and saw them sell­ing this one. I procrastinated/thought about it all week then decid­ed today, the day before my trip, to buy it if the neigh­bors were still sell­ing it. Luck­i­ly for me they were so here I am mount­ing it on the Vol­vo for it’s maid­en voy­age.
It worked out great. I put all my camp­ing items with­ing it and that way had clear and easy access to such when I was camp­ing and did not have to dig through any of the camp­ing stuff when I was not camp­ing, cool!

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Aug 062011

After a very nice lunch at “The Nat­ur­al” with Eli, Car­ol, Shel­ley, and NANCY I walked home through the Earl W. show­grounds enjoy­ing all the hors­es and rodeo activ­i­ty. In the are­na itself I dis­cov­ered a new (to me) rodeo event, “Open Ranch Class”. Below is a mon­tage show­ing some of today’s teams in action.

The event is struc­tured thus: A fence runs across the are­na about 40% in from the west end. There is a fenced chan­nel thru the mid­dle of this bar­ri­er (image #1). 36 cows are inside this 40% area divid­ed into groups of three and so num­bered.

To com­mence the event two rid­ers enter this 40% area thru the chan­nel (image #1) and are simul­ta­ne­ous­ly giv­en a num­ber from the announc­er. Their goal is to cull out the three cows with the giv­en num­ber into the 60% emp­ty space of the are­na with­out let­ting any oth­er cows out of the 40% space (images 2 & 3). Next the two rid­ers have to dri­ve only two of the three cows back to the herd in the 40% area, open the gate to a pen in the far east end of the 60% are­na and dri­ve the one remain­ing cow into the pen, ride in them­selves, and close and lock the gate. To stop the clock the two rid­ers then have only three trys to las­so the cow, one over the head and the oth­er the hind leg or legs (image 4).

Lots of rid­ing skill, horse train­ing, and team­work are need­ed as well as some luck with hav­ing cows behave as wished. All in all very fun and inter­est­ing to watch. It takes sev­er­al hours to have the 30 or so teams com­pete in this event as well as three herds of cows so it is not done dur­ing the night time per­for­mance of the rodeo which explains why I have nev­er seen it.

There is a larger/clearer mon­tage you can view by click­ing on the one above.

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Aug 022011

My sis­ter Michele saw and fell in love with a very won­der­ful Deo de los Muer­tos sculp­ture in San Luis Obis­po a cou­ple of months ago. After she returned home to Poway she decid­ed she did indeed want it so I offered to dri­ve up to SLO and pick it up. I kept her (she now has a name, Kat­ri­na) here until today when we made the plan to meet half way at the Green Street Restau­rant in Pasade­na for lunch and a hand­ing over of Kat­ri­na.

Car­ol Pre­ston offered to ride along as shot­gun and gen­er­al guardian of Objets d’art. We arrived at the appoint­ed high noon hour right in front of the Green Street Restau­rant and were lit­er­al­ly behind Michele in her car, so it was easy to park togeth­er and walk to lunch. In the mon­tage above: Michele and Car­ol just after park­ing, the two of them at our table, the three of us with the dregs of lunch, and final­ly Michele and I with Kat­ri­na hav­ing just exit­ed the Vol­vo on her way to the back seat of the Cam­ry. It was a beau­ti­ful, hot, nice­ly cloudy, mid west­ern feel­ing day com­plete with a few rain drops. (A big­ger ver­sion of Kat­ri­na can be seen my click­ing on her to the left and a big­ger mon­tage ver­sion by click­ing on the mon­tage itself.)

On the way back to San­ta Bar­bara Car­ol and I drove from West­lake to Leo Car­il­lo State Beach through the beau­ti­ful San­ta Mon­i­ca Moun­tains, up the coast to Padero Lane where we paused for a dip in the ocean, then on to Bro­phy Both­ers for din­ner. Quite the fun out­ing.

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