Phyllis’ 101st Birthday Luncheon

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Dec 292011

Four shots of Phyl­lis on her birthday

I was includ­ed in a won­der­ful 101st birth­day lunch for Phyl­lis at Vista del Monte. At our table of four were she, Car­ol, Ali­cia, and myself. We had a nice vis­it dur­ing lunch then Ali­cia and Car­ol dis­trib­uted slices of Ali­ci­a’s won­der­ful birth­day cake to all the folks in the din­ing room. Every­one was very grate­ful. As folks left the din­ing area many dropped by to wish Phyl­lis a hap­py birth­day and for a brief chat, very nice.

Fol­low­ing lunch we four returned to Phyl­lis’ apart­ment where she joy­ful­ly opened her cards and unwrapped her gifts, very fun.

There are more images of the fun par­ty. Click on the image above to view a slideshow.

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Dec 282011

The bear and I fin­ished (and loved) “The Mar­riage Plot” then took the time to rig up this ver­sion two of our iPad holder.

One change is the stream­lin­ing of the pvc struc­ture. It seems less over­whelm­ing when lay­ing under than the ver­sion one design (click here to see ver­sion one).

By far the best mod­i­fi­ca­tion is to the RAM iPad mount itself. The piv­ot point is now in the cen­ter of the iPad. You can see this clear­ly in the low­er left shot above. The iPad mount as designed is to be used in either por­trait or land­scape so two mount points are pro­vid­ed, one for each ori­en­ta­tion. Using two small pieces of alu­minum angle I was able to move the mount­ing point to the cen­ter. This accom­mo­dates a quick and easy rota­tion with­out addi­tion­al adjust­ments up/down or right/left, very cool.

Click­ing on the bear or myself in the above mon­tage presents a larg­er view us.

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Dec 102011

The bear and I are cur­rent­ly read­ing “The Mar­riage Plot” on the iPad hav­ing each fin­ished “1Q84″ last week. One under­stand­able com­plaint from the aging bear now that he’s need­ing read­ing glass­es is how to hold the iPad far enough from his eyes with his arms being so short.

So to help him and also to allow my not hav­ing to hold up the iPad through long read­ing or Net­flix ses­sions I put togeth­er ver­sion 01 of the iPad hold­er shown. It uses some PVC along with some parts (all the black ones) from RAM mounts. The iPad quick­ly snaps into and out of the hold­er and the six inch arm con­nect­ing the ‘Pad to the PVC brack­et has a one inch ball on each end. This allows the iPad to be rotat­ed land­scape to por­trait, raised or low­ered in height, and angled for direct view­ing by the using mammal.

This V‑01 is a lit­tle prim­i­tive but was con­struct­ed pri­mar­i­ly for proof of con­cept so a sim­pler and small­er V‑02 will hope­ful­ly be announced by the end of the year. For now V‑01 is work­ing great and we are both very much enjoy­ing it.

Click on the above mon­tage for a larg­er image of same.

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