Jun 212010

What a FUN evening. Friend Car­ol P. and I went down to the Soho Music Club here in S.B for the Mon­day night “Jazz Jam with Jeff Elliott”. A nice mix of nos­tal­gia and the present, sit­ting around sip­ping a drink and lis­ten­ing to JAZZ. It was one of my favorite things to do “back in the day” with bud­dy Al and/or girl friend Heather; down to The Light­house or over to The Mann Hole. Won­der­ful mem­o­ries!

Her­bie Man­n’s ver­sion of Sum­mer­time — a big favorite of mine

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Jun 182010

Cardio Test June 18, 2010

(Click on the Image to view the video)

This morn­ing I walked down to Sam­sum, across from Cot­tage Hos­pi­tal, for my annu­al car­di­ol­o­gy tread­mill stress test. I was sit­ting after the col­lec­tion of the ini­tial rest data await­ing get­ting on the tread­mill with the goal of get­ting my heart rate to 85% of my age defined max of 155 beats per minute. So I popped up, grabbed my iPhone and record­ed these lit­tle movies.

I was able to get my heart rate up to 144, 93% of max for my age. Up until today I was under­stand­ing that I could not get my heart rate that high because of the beta-block­er med­ica­tion (Coreg) I take morn­ing and night.

But anon, the beta-block­ing stuff appar­ent­ly just whacks off attempts by the ole pump to jump or spike above the max rate. Too weird as last year I went in for the same test and those tech­ni­cians told me I could not get my heart rate up using the tread­mill because of the beta-block­ers so they gave me a shot of some nuclear stuff that dilat­ed my veins and arter­ies AS IF I’d exer­cised.

The goal on the test was 85% of max to get good data so I was pleased to get it up to 93% after 13 min­utes on the tread­mill. That was cer­tain­ly the hard­est part of the test. The sec­ond hard­est part was when they abrupt­ly stopped the test at which time I am to imme­di­ate­ly step off the tread­mill and lay back on the table next to the tread­mill for a sec­ond ultra­sound. The tech­ni­cian starts tak­ing ultra­sound images while am am asked to hold my breath at sev­er­al points! A real chal­lenge imme­di­ate­ly after the exer­cise as I’m gulp­ing for air while being asked to “hold”.

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Jun 142010
Map of the day's ride, courtesy of my Garmin Zumo 660

Here is a map of the day’s ride, cour­tesy of my Garmin Zumo 660

When I left San­ta Bar­bara at 1:15 p.m. the tem­per­a­ture was around 70 degrees. It climbed up to 80 as I crest­ed San Mar­cos Pass and on to 90 when I stopped in Los Olivos for a chilled Sobe Cit­rus. It con­tin­ued hot on up Fox­en Canyon then dropped into the 60s as I went through Los Alam­os and head­ed west on High­way 135. Drop­ping down Har­ris Grade into Lom­poc brought the low for the day, 62 degress. Inter­est­ing to me it climbed back up 20 degrees, to 82, by the time I tran­si­tioned onto High­way 101 from High­way 1 and rode down through the Gavio­ta Gorge. Then bin­go, again back into the 60s at the coast.

An inter­est­ing day in many ways but the day’s 28 degree spread obvi­ous­ly caught my atten­tion.

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Jun 012010

I met friend Car­la at the Audi deal­er­ship on Hitch­cock at 8:20 and we rode out through UCSB and into Isla Vista for a stop at Star­bucks. It was the most bicy­cle traf­fic I’ve seen at UCSB and in Isla Vista, very fun.  After Car­la’s cof­fee and my healthy Star­buck­’s turkey-bacon/egg-white/wheat-muf­fin we rode out to Coal Oil Point then up to Best Buy where we browsed through their net­book and lap­top com­put­er offer­ings.  Then it was back to the S.B. Audi deal­er and on home for me.

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