Jul 292010

Ashe and Mar­garet (along with miss dou­ble M) in Gian­n­fran­co’s Trat­to­ria in Carp

I rode my bicy­cle down to Mar­garet’s home in Carpin­te­ria for lunch. On the way, pass­ing through Sum­mer­land, I met Cyn­thia cycling back up from Carp where she had just rid­den her new Sur­ley bike for a tune-up with Den­nis at Rin­con Cycles. She and I had a nice 10 — 15 minute catch up then it was on again to Mar­garet’s. After arriv­ing and stash­ing my bike Mar­garet drove us down­town to the won­der­ful Gian­n­fran­co’s Trat­to­ria on Lin­den where we had a fun, tasty (YUM!!) lunch and a great vis­it.

The wait­ress offered us the spot shown above. I chose to sit under Mar­i­lyn so I would­n’t have to be star­ing at her from the oth­er side of the table 🙂

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Jul 282010

A nice birthday lunch with Ralph

Ralph had me up for a nice birth­day lunch today. I decid­ed to ride the Suzu­ki up the 9.2 miles to his house and brought along some san­dals in case we walked down to the creek. As usu­al Ralph had pre­pared a won­der­ful meal. We had a nice long chat while eat­ing then hiked down to the creek for an hour or so before return­ing to the house for my birth­day “cake” com­plete with can­dle.

When leav­ing I decid­ed to take the long, 70 mile, route home so rode on up the pass and over and down to Hwy. 246 into Solvang. Then out from Solvang on the Alisal Road to Hwy. 101 and on home. A beau­ti­ful ride and a won­der­ful day.

Thanks Ralph!
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Jul 252010
Ashe and Tom outside Starbucks at the Camino Real Marketplace

Ashe and Tom out­side Star­bucks at the Camino Real Mar­ket­place

Tom and I rode out to Gole­ta Beach, by the lagoon at UCSB, and along the Dever­oux Cliffs before stop­ping for break­fast and a nice vis­it. After­ward it was back along Cathe­dral Oaks to San­ta Bar­bara for a good meet­ing with no last names then a fun lunch with friends at the Pala­pa Restau­rant. On home for some doo­dling on the com­put­er then it was 4:30 and Tom road in for the final stage of the Tour de France on Ver­sus HD.  Sev­er­al nice calls from friends made for a very good day.

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Jul 232010

A fun outing to Lake Los Carneros

Phyl­lis had an appoint­ment to have her teeth cleaned at the den­tist this morn­ing. Car­ol and I dropped her off then went over to the Fairview Shop­ping Cen­ter for some rea­son or oth­er. Since I had my new Sony NEX‑5 along we start­ed fool­ing around with a few takes then after return­ing to get Phyl­lis with her shiny clean teeth the three of us drove over to Lake Los Carneros and walked and sat and vis­it­ed (and Ashe used his new Sony some more). A very nice out­ing.

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Jul 182010

Note the sand­wich on my bike bag and the oj in the top bot­tle hold­er 🙂

I left home around 8:30 on a beau­ti­ful warm morn­ing for my usu­al Sun­day loop out the bike­way to Gole­ta Beach, round the UCSB lagoons, thru I.V. and along the Dever­oux cliffs to Coal Oil Point, then up Storke Road to the Star­bucks in the Camino Real Mar­ket­place.

Hungry now!!!

Into Star­bucks for a low fat turkey bacon and egg white muf­fin sand­wich and an orange juice then back out on the bike and up to Cathe­dral Oaks for about 10 min­utes when it was time to stop and eat my cool­ing sand­wich and drink my oj with this amaz­ing view.

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Jul 162010

Jeff, south for a day or two, and Tom on the porch for a nice vis­it

Jeff and Carey are down for the week­end so Jeff was able to drop by for a nice vis­it with Tom and I on the porch. The muska­teers went over to Fres­co for turkey burg­ers then back for more chat­ting before a view­ing of today’s Tour de France stage.
The fol­low­ing day we met with Jef­f’s father and wife for lunch at Bro­phy Broth­ers for lunch.

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Jul 122010

Phyl­lis enjoy­ing her fries at the Los Olivos Wine Mer­chant

Phyl­lis, Car­ol, and Ashe drove up 101 and along the beau­ti­ful Alisal Road into Solvang for a lit­tle shop­ping before head­ing up Alamo Pin­ta­do to the small horse ranch. After a nice vis­it with the lit­tle hors­es we drove to Los Olivos where Phyl­lis and Ashe had the world’s best turkey burg­er and Phyl­lis thought the french fries were the best yet.

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Jul 092010

I rode down to the bird refuge and met Car­la, then we rode down to Carpin­te­ria for break­fast at Esau’s where we split a huevos rancheros. Many nice mem­o­ries here when var­i­ous groups of us would rid­ing down on Sat­ur­day morn­ing for break­fast and a nice vis­it.

This is the first egg I have eat­en at Esau’s since I ate the “Two, Two, and Two” spe­cial on the morn­ing of Sep­tem­ber 30th, 2006, then road back to San­ta Bar­bara and had my heart attack. Nice to see they still offer the same spe­cial.

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