Jul 251944

Trekker Tracks goes to the Movies!

2012-06-22: The video I took of Tom at the Cow Palace; June 4, 2012.

2012-04-05: Walk­ing home from Tom’s and real­iz­ing it was Full Moon I took out
my new S100 and took a few shots of the moon ris­ing over the 101.

2012-03-28: Hen­ry on his snow­board — a com­pos­ite of three videos.

Trekker Tracks does movies!

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Test Post experimenting with a WordPress Gallery

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Jul 251944

Cyn­thia, Tom, and I drove to Buell­ton where Cyn­thia and I had a won­der­ful break­fast at Ellen’s while Tom met his friend Matt and rode away 45 min­utes before we could stag­ger out to our bikes to fol­low.

We rode the usu­al Buell­ton, Fox­en, Drum loop. Cyn­thia and I had a great time. Arriv­ing back at the car we loaded the bikes on the Vol­vo then chased after Tom. When we caught him he had added anoth­er 27 miles to his fast ride for the day.


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Test #2 — Using FancyBox for WordPress

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Jul 251944

Tom — here is anoth­er idea on how to dis­play your images with­in your posts. It uses a Word­Press plu­g­in, Fan­cy­Box, that’s free and easy to allow a slideshow move­ment between images rather than click an image then back to the post then click an anoth­er image then .…
Try it here. Click on the first image then click to the right or left side of an image to move for­ward or back­ward. Also note the image of you, Jared, and Car­ol Doda is not dis­played on the blog post but is with­in the slideshow. Easy to do. This allows lots of images for view­ing with­out the longest post in the world.

Click here to go to the TNLA ver­sion for com­par­i­son

Rise 4:00AM, load bicy­cle #1 & gear into Ashe’s Vol­vo at Tom’s 7:00AM, load bicy­cle #2 & gear at Jared’s 7:30AM, dri­ve to SF, stops at King City Mex­i­can restau­rant and Sali­nas Dairy Queen. Arrive at Alpine Inn, Daly City. Unload into motel rooms. Then take bicy­cles and reg­is­ter at the Cow Palace. Get a night’ s sleep with rid­ing kit set out for tomor­row morn­ing’s ear­ly start.

IMG_3586_edited_2057 x 1424

Gear and bicy­cle are ready to load into Ashe’s Vol­vo and onto the roof bicy­cle rack.


IMG_3591_edited_1894 x 3138

Hawai­ian Bliz­zards, Sali­nas Dairy Queen…Ashe & Jared.


The Mona Lisa

Tom stopped by Mesa Pro­duce to chat with some of his Mesa Pro­duce Bud­dies — Cap­tion


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