Apr 292012

Car­ol, Mar­garet, Ralph and I met at D’An­gelo’s Bak­ery at nine this morn­ing for a won­der­ful vis­it and yum­my break­fast as part of the week­end long cel­e­bra­tion of Car­ol’l birth­day. It was very nice to catch up and have a pro­longed vis­it with old and dear friends. Click on the din­ers to see five nice enlarge­ments of our get togeth­er.

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Apr 282012

It being the 28th of April and a Sat­ur­day into the bar­gain many of the “Usu­al Sus­pects” met at Sage Hill camp­ground for the annu­al Aliso Canyon Trail hike. It was a warm and beau­ti­ful day and a very nice out­ing. At trail’s end Cathy O popped some won­der­ful choco­late cup­cakes out of her cute new Fiat and we all enjoyed a birth­day treat with the birth­day girl. Click­ing on the mon­tage above dis­plays some nice shots of our day.

In addi­tion here are two videos from our out­ing. In the first you can view an enact­ment of one of the sev­en dead­ly sins. In the sec­ond I demon­strate prop­er hik­ing tech­niques in the back coun­try.

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Apr 272012

As I was cycling along the path down near the har­bor I spied ten Dat­sun Fair Ladies parked along Cabril­lo Boule­vard. I remem­ber when these were first brought into the Unit­ed States back in the mid 60’s. See­ing them again remind­ed me what nice sporty cars they were, and remain. Sev­en of the ten had Ore­gon plates with two from Cal­i­for­nia and one British Colum­bia. Click on the image above to see a larg­er ver­sion then click for­ward for two more mon­tages, one dis­play­ing “Fair Lady” logos to advan­tage.

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Apr 142012

Cyn­thia, Tom, and I drove to Buell­ton where Cyn­thia and I had a won­der­ful break­fast at Ellen’s while Tom met his friend Matt and rode away 45 min­utes before we could stag­ger out to our bikes to fol­low.

We rode the usu­al Buell­ton, Fox­en, Drum loop. Cyn­thia and I had a great time. Arriv­ing back at the car we loaded the bikes on the Vol­vo then chased after Tom. When we caught him he had added anoth­er 27 miles to his fast ride for the day.

There are two ver­sions of our day. Num­ber one above is the slow, sta­t­ic slideshow with my inci­sive, inter­est­ing com­ments. Num­ber two below is a video cov­er­ing the same ground in 25 sec­onds, so very 2012.

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Apr 042012

To cel­e­brate Carol’s get­ting an A+ on this morn­ing’s exam we trun­dled off to “The Enter­prize Fish Com­pany” so she could relieved­ly enjoy a favorite treat, LOBSTER. The video, I think, says it all.

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Apr 032012

Along the bikepath by the Bird Refuge, Palm Park, and the Wharf play­ing with my new Canon S100. Most of these video patch­es are using the S100’s “Minia­ture Mode”, very fun.

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