New bicycle onramp at Bates Road onto the southbound 101

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Mar 262014

I won­der if this iso­lat­ed bike lane well run all five miles to the new bike “bike off ramp” 1/2 mile beyond Mus­sel Shoals? That would be so cool and make for such com­fort­able rid­ing.


This is the new bike lane onto the south­bound 101 at Bates Road


A clos­er look to show clear­ly the nice wave themed fenc­ing at new bike on ramp

This is the 1/4 mile south of the Rincon bike off ramp under construction when I was there on November 11th last year. Notice the similar theme to previous image

This is the 1/2 mile south of the Mus­sel Shoals bike off ramp under con­struc­tion when I was there on Novem­ber 11th last year. Notice the sim­i­lar theme to the pre­vi­ous image


In this last view you can see the car lane on the left and the bike lane on the right, keepin’ ’em sep­a­rate.

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Buellton, Hwy 1, Hwy 101, Home: 81 miles

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Mar 162014

Tom was lead­ing one of his AIDS/LifeCycle train­ing rides today. At 7:30 he, his co-leader Robert, rid­er Jen and I met at his house, loaded the bikes and all the gear into and onto the Vol­vo and head­ed out for Ellen’s Dan­ish Pan­cakes in Buell­ton. Arriv­ing Robert and I went imme­di­ate­ly inside for break­fast along with a nice chat.

Nine o’clock and all set to go we all rode off, out San­ta Rosa Road to Hwy 1, then south on 1. Near­ing Hwy 101 I left the oth­er rid­ers to con­tin­ue their loop ride back to Solvang and on to Buell­ton while I cruised down the coast home to Carpin­te­ria, 81 miles for the day. My most in qui­et a while. A won­der­ful, warm to hot day. Per­fect rid­ing weath­er for me.

A gallery of some shots from our ride is seen above. Click on any one to see an enlarged ver­sion after which you can left­side and right­side click to view the rest.

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