A Motorcycle Adventure in Mexico!

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Jan 252011

I rode my Suzu­ki V‑Strom from San­ta Bar­bara to Las Cruces, New Mex­i­co to meet six oth­er men for a 3,778 Mile, 6,981 KM, adven­ture into Mex­i­co. This mon­tage has a shot from six­teen of our days. I have cre­at­ed a sep­a­rate blog con­tain­ing lots of images and details. Click any­where on this mon­tage to be tak­en there.

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Jan 072011

Two weeks ago Jesse men­tioned an annu­al com­mu­ni­ty mass burn­ing of Christ­mas trees in Solvang. Well I just perked right up at the image that brought to my mind and men­tioned it to sev­er­al oth­ers. Car­ol and Vir­ginia were imme­di­ate­ly on board with Lib­by soon after.

Three of us drove over Hwy. 154 dur­ing a beau­ti­ful pink cloud­ed sun­set and met Lib­by at the new “The Cow­boy Way” bar-b-que restau­rant in Solvang for din­ner and a fun chat. Then it was on to the big event, held in the huge open field that adjoins Hwy. 246 and the San­ta Ynez Mis­sion. Hun­dreds of oth­er folks and fam­i­lies had arrived to watch.

After a fire depart­ment demon­stra­tion show­ing us all how quick­ly a dry tree ignites as com­pared to a tree that has been watered the big pile of trees was set aflame. The effect was def­i­nite­ly worth the dri­ve and dur­ing the entire show there was a con­tin­u­ous cycle of pop songs hav­ing lyrics con­tain­ing fire, burn, light, etc. blar­ing out into the night.

To see and hear some of our fire­side fun click on the mon­tage above.

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Jan 042011

I was almost set to ride off this morn­ing, I just need­ed to push the Suzu­ki out of the garage and down onto the dri­ve­way (a total of 15 feet) so I could close the garage door. So I thought I’d  just leave the bike in neu­tral while I put down the stand, not some­thing I had yet done on the slop­ing dri­ve­way. How did that idea play out you ask? Pret­ty much as depict­ed in the left image above.

But ANON! I was able to com­pose the right image by myself with­in 5 min­utes  (cam­era shots and out­takes includ­ed there­in).

This morn­ing’s pro­duc­tive new tech­nique was to lift the bike using the han­dle­bars. This allowed some sort of ful­crum action that made right­ing the bike a man­age­able lift by me alone. All pri­or times I’ve attempt­ed the lift cen­tered between the wheels as my mind some­how cal­cu­lat­ed that as the most bal­anced way to right it. Bal­anced or not it makes the lift greater than one I can per­form alone. So much for mind over mat­ter.

Today’s insight was nur­tured by Ian’s help­ing me to right the bike after I fell in the mid­dle of the San­ta Ynez Riv­er on our Decem­ber 10, 2010 out­ing. I was doing my part using my stan­dard cen­tered lift while Ian just grabbed onto the rear most part of the bike and seem­ing­ly pulled the bike up by him­self. I was very impressed at the time. So this morn­ing after again try­ing my futile cen­ter tech­nique I recalled Ian’s effort and tried to right the bike from the back cor­ner.  This was more than I could man­age but when I shift­ed to the front of the bike using the han­dle­bars I was able, with rel­a­tive ease, to pull the bike up.

After my delayed start I had a won­der­ful ride down to and through Cal State Chan­nel Islands, some pok­ing around in the San­ta Mon­i­ca Moun­tains, through Thou­sand Oaks then north to High­way 126 and along 150 and 101 home. An inter­est­ing day see­ing ter­ri­to­ry I have not seen since bicy­cling through it in the 70’s along with some alto­geth­er new.

I am very relieved to know I can right the bike alone as this has been an ongo­ing anx­i­ety when I’ve been off explor­ing by myself.

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