Jalama Beach for Jalama Burgers (What Else?)

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May 102019

I took the #20 bus into Sum­mer­land this morn­ing and then walked up almost to Car­la’s. It had start­ed to rain so she picked me up and saved me a last quar­ter mile in the driz­zle.

Off we went to Jala­ma Beach for a deli­cious Jala­ma Burg­er, a beau­ti­ful dri­ve there and back, and a nice walk on the beach. An inter­est­ing part of my day was leav­ing my read­ing glass­es at home. With my new (cataract removed) eyes it was no prob­lem for the eight hours I was away but I could­n’t use my cell phone or read oth­er small type. A bless­ing in dis­guise in ret­ro­spect and a very nice get away/outing. Thanks Car­la.

You can see the Jala­ma Store above their insert­ed sign along with Car­la and her
white sleeves way up the beach (click for a nice enlarge­ment then
use the back arrow to return here)

And a few more images from the day:

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