Astronaut computing at work and at home
                        (but not yet in space)


With my back prob­lems over the decades I’ve need­ed to adapt my envi­ron­ment where I could to make things man­age­able and with less stress on my back. These three videos show my use of a zero grav­i­ty chair to allow me use of my com­put­er with­out back pain. Of course the same chair allows pain free read­ing, watch­ing tv, etc.

Here is a video of my cur­rent arrange­ment at home

This is the set up I had on Trea­sure Dri­ve until 2013. I liked the Slide-O-Rama key­board set­up a lot but did not have the room here in Carpin­te­ria to reuse it. Hence 3.0 above.

My first set­up at work. I was able to work for my final two years with this arrange­ment with­out which I could not have been work­ing as I was well with­in one of my extend­ed high pain back episodes. I am very grate­ful I was allowed this.


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