Carol Bornstein’s Birthday hike around the Aliso Loop

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Apr 212019

Car­ol was up in San­ta Bar­bara for the week­end near­est her birth­day and asked sev­er­al of us to once again cir­cle the Aliso Loop to cel­e­brate. Here are the lucky eight that made it to the trail­head on a beau­ti­ful East­er Sun­day morn­ing. Don’t miss the fun video at the end.

And final­ly, a birth­day cho­rus by the Aliso Loop Play­ers

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Apr 142019

I final­ly decid­ed to upgrade my ten year old com­put­er. But after I pur­chased and received what I thought were all the parts I need­ed; CPU, moth­er­board, RAM, and video card I became aware that I had pur­chased a CPU that required water cool­ing.

Thus began a one week saga of me get­ting said water cool­er, try­ing all day one day to fit it in my old case, decid­ing to buy a new case, dis­cov­er­ing that it would be larg­er than I wished, then, think­ing out­side the box, real­ized that the cool­er itself would work fine out­side the box/case.

Here­with are sev­er­al shots along the way and a video of me with my new rig.

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