Just how much pressure is 5 bar?

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May 212017

This after­noon I set out to fix my flat front tire with a new Schwalbe mod­el. I had pur­chased some Schwalbe tubes along with the tires five months ago so decid­ed to use one of those today.

Get­ting the tire and tube on the rim was a chal­lenge so after inflat­ing the com­plet­ed assem­bly to 85psi I decid­ed to check it under water to be sure I had­n’t cut the tube. All was going swim­ming­ly, I was almost com­plete­ly 360 degrees around the check when BANG! (see image one below)

It was quite a LOUD shock. Image one below shows the new tube and tire post water check. Back track­ing through the tube box I found (and then read) a small brochure that empha­sized the tubes upper lim­it of 5 bar. Turns out 5 bar is 72psi. I’ve nev­er expect­ed a tube to be so lim­it­ing. Oh well. Back to a stan­dard REI 700cx28 tube.

Here is the tube tire com­bo after the BIG BANG.
I’m think­ing I don’t have a large enough patch on hand

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Beautiful bike ride in the Mile High City

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May 122017

A beau­ti­ful 18 mile R.T. ride along the SPRT — The South Platt Riv­er Trail then up the Cher­ry Creek Trail to down­town Den­ver and lunch at Den­ver Com­mu­ni­ty Col­lege from Eric’s favorite lunch truck. A spec­tac­u­lar 75 degree day in the mile high city.

Tough, post chick­en wrap, dessert dilem­ma; bakla­va or my favorite ener­gy bar?

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