Should they have closed Camarillo St. Hospital??

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Dec 312013

A snip­pet of my Excel spead­sheet bike mileage is shown below rep­re­sent­ing lots of ped­al to the met­al (lit­er­al­ly). How I came to 2,727 miles for 2013 is a study in con­stant­ly reset­ting the car­rot being chased as well as lots of com­pul­sive bike rid­ing. The six instances of mov­ing the car­rot fur­ther and yet fur­ther out of reach are described forthwith.

  1. It’s the end of Sep­tem­ber and I am think­ing Yikes! You slack­er, you need to at least get over 2,000 miles for the year
  1. Crank­ing more in Octo­ber 2,000 miles seems a giv­en so I move the car­rot out to 200 miles/month. By Decem­ber I have 2,165 and the weath­er demands get­ting out, so out I go (and go and go and …)
  1. I hit 2,400 miles on 12/15 with 235 for the month and the car­rot slides to 406/month, the most miles in a 2013 month
  1. A Christ­mas day ride moves me to 401 miles so the car­rot shifts to 456 to be my sec­ond largest total for a December
  1. Box­ing Day and 53 more miles brings me to 453 miles so the car­rot jumps again, to 556, the most in 9.5 years as well as the most post heart attack. I also notice that I’m near­ing the 2010 total of 2,725 so the car­rot jumps over to that col­umn to accom­plish both goals. Why not?
  • After a ride on 12/30 I’m at 538 miles so need only 23 miles to reach 2,726 for the year as well as the most in a month in 9.5 years
  • 12/31/2013 — last chance for miles this year and I have a long 10:30 appoint­ment in San­ta Bar­bara so I jump up and take an ear­ly ride to SB for break­fast and care­ful­ly log 24 miles to total 2,727 miles for the year (looks nicer and more bal­anced than 2,726 no?) and 562 for the month, the high­est total since July of 2006

  • Ah, but tomor­row is anoth­er day, anoth­er month, anoth­er year 🙂
  • Hap­py and safe rid­ing to all in 2014!
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