Dec 262013

I took the 9:10 21X bus (X for eXpress) from Carpin­te­ria to San­ta Bar­bara this morn­ing then 10 min­utes lat­er was on the 12X head­ing to Gole­ta. This 25 miles cost me 55 cents and placed me right in down­town Gole­ta at 10:15.
I rode out Cathe­dral Oaks to it’s end then took the 101 to the Gavio­ta Tun­nel. With some stops and explor­ing I returned to the Camino Real Mar­ket­place, had a late lunch at the Kahu­na Grill, then reversed the 12X -> 21X for anoth­er 55 cents to arrive home at 5:15 PM. What a nice and cheap adventure.
Click on the mon­tage above for a few shots of my day.

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