Jalama Beach for Jalama Burgers (What Else?)

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May 102019

I took the #20 bus into Sum­mer­land this morn­ing and then walked up almost to Car­la’s. It had start­ed to rain so she picked me up and saved me a last quar­ter mile in the driz­zle.

Off we went to Jala­ma Beach for a deli­cious Jala­ma Burg­er, a beau­ti­ful dri­ve there and back, and a nice walk on the beach. An inter­est­ing part of my day was leav­ing my read­ing glass­es at home. With my new (cataract removed) eyes it was no prob­lem for the eight hours I was away but I could­n’t use my cell phone or read oth­er small type. A bless­ing in dis­guise in ret­ro­spect and a very nice get away/outing. Thanks Car­la.

You can see the Jala­ma Store above their insert­ed sign along with Car­la and her
white sleeves way up the beach (click for a nice enlarge­ment then
use the back arrow to return here)

And a few more images from the day:

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Carol Bornstein’s Birthday hike around the Aliso Loop

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Apr 212019

Car­ol was up in San­ta Bar­bara for the week­end near­est her birth­day and asked sev­er­al of us to once again cir­cle the Aliso Loop to cel­e­brate. Here are the lucky eight that made it to the trail­head on a beau­ti­ful East­er Sun­day morn­ing. Don’t miss the fun video at the end.

And final­ly, a birth­day cho­rus by the Aliso Loop Play­ers

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Apr 142019

I final­ly decid­ed to upgrade my ten year old com­put­er. But after I pur­chased and received what I thought were all the parts I need­ed; CPU, moth­er­board, RAM, and video card I became aware that I had pur­chased a CPU that required water cool­ing.

Thus began a one week saga of me get­ting said water cool­er, try­ing all day one day to fit it in my old case, decid­ing to buy a new case, dis­cov­er­ing that it would be larg­er than I wished, then, think­ing out­side the box, real­ized that the cool­er itself would work fine out­side the box/case.

Here­with are sev­er­al shots along the way and a video of me with my new rig.

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Early Morning Bike ride to Ventura

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Mar 272019

I got up ear­ly to ride down to break­fast at the Cajun Kitchen and remem­bered to take my cam­era so stopped along the way to take a few shots. I’m always fas­ci­nat­ed by the flare stack just south of the Rin­con and it being ear­ly took a few shots of it from far and near. The last three are pret­ty fun too, a Shas­ta trail­er won by the own­ers on the tele­vi­sion show “Let’s Make a Deal” in 1961!

As I rode by the mouth of the Ven­tu­ra Riv­er I was shocked by how much it has changed since I had seen it over many years as a peace­ful sandy lagoon with very few rocks. Click on the images below to see how things used to be then watch my short YouTube for what has hap­pened recent­ly.

Union Pacif­ic was doing a lot of track main­te­nance and upgrad­ing as I rode by. One of the more inter­est­ing units was this track tam­per, I think quite fas­ci­nat­ing. I found the YouTube below show­ing how the machine works. Here is the descrip­tion that with the orig­i­nal YouTube: “The mech­a­nism on the front lets the rest of machine know how much a cer­tain sec­tion of track needs to be raised. Then, a claw picks up the rail and ties and spikes poke down into the bal­last, push­ing it under the track. Once the tam­per com­plet­ed its job, a bal­last reg­u­la­tor came through to smooth out the rocks.”

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Another wonderful week in Isla Mujeres

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Jan 052019

We had so much fun this time that I cre­at­ed our trip’s own lit­tle jour­nal. Click on me loung­ing by the beau­ti­ful Caribbean to jump to it.

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Mexico sport fishing with Eric, Henry, and Eliot

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Aug 022018

Eric includ­ed me in a sport fish­ing out­ing with Hen­ry and Eliot. We left San Diego Har­bor ear­ly and head­ed south­west into Mex­i­can waters and on to the Coro­n­a­do Islands there­in. Near the bor­der we passed a U.S. air craft car­ri­er and it’s atten­dant destroy­er, inter­est­ing.
It was a won­der­ful day, weath­er­wise, fish­ing­wise, and gen­er­al adven­ture­wise. Click on any of the images below to see larg­er ver­sions or any of the three videos from our trip at the bot­tom of this post.

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Tom completes AIDS/LifeCycle 2018
             His ELEVENTH one!

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             His ELEVENTH one!
Jun 022018


This won­der­ful twirler was at it for the full 45 min­utes
rid­ers were leav­ing the Cow Palace. Too Fun


Here’s a mon­tage of Tom’s week.
Click on it to view a nice enlarge­ment.


A real­ly nice video the AIDS/LifeCycle folks quick­ly com­piled.
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