Aug 202020

I’ve loved these guys ever since I first noticed them dri­ving by La Con­chi­ta at night. So since I’ve been bik­ing in and around dawn I’ve stopped to take pic­tures with my Sony cam­era a few times. But I’ve nev­er been able to hold the Sony steady enough for a clear image. So I bought a Joby Goril­la­Pod 500 tri­pod that allows me to wrap its legs around the top bar of the bike­way bar­ri­er to pro­vide a sta­ble base for the long, 265′ foot shot across the 101 to the neon palms in the dark. This morn­ing was try num­ber one and things swam swim­ming­ly.

My best shot of the morn­ing.
The red streaks are car tail lights zoom­ing along the 101
(click to see the full size)

A cou­ple more shots where I like the effect of the tail lights fly­ing by

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