Aug 142020

I’ve always been fas­ci­nat­ed with the Padre Juan Road over­pass on Hwy 101, six miles north of Ven­tu­ra. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a vehi­cle on it. Last week I was look­ing on Google Maps and dis­cov­ered that the Road winds up the Padre Juan Canyon, changes names once or twice then ends up near Fos­ter Park and Hwy 33 above Ven­tu­ra on the way to Ojai. So I’m think­ing “inter­est­ing bike ride”. This morn­ing I did my first recon­nais­sance only to find a locked gate a half mile off Pacif­ic Coast High­way. Oh well, still fun and inter­est­ing pok­ing around on a famil­iar but nev­er explored area.

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